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When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you really get to see it all. After all, cars are complex things with a multitude of internal moving components, meaning all sorts can go wrong – even downright bizarre eventualities! But other problems are par for the course. Our mechanics deal with them each and every day, when carrying out services like car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing for Chinnor road users.

On this page, we’ve focused on a few of the most common problems we encounter. We hope it will help you identify them before they worsen, or avoid having to deal with them in the first place. Suffering from any of the maladies below, or perhaps something slightly different? Call 01844 353 388 or visit our Chinnor location for affordable, professional car repairs, car servicing and any additional services you might require – like MOT testing.

Common Issues We Deal With at Our Chinnor Garage


One of the most common components to suffer an issue is the gearbox, accounting for an average of 8% - 10% of all automotive faults experienced by Chinnor motorists annually. By investing in regular car servicing and MOT testing as and when required, you can reduce the likelihood you’ll become part of the statistic. Gearbox car repairs can prove expensive, so if you notice your gears sticking or performing poorly, or making jarring noises when used, visit us ASAP. Dealing with it early could save you money.


A similar proportion of automotive faults concern a vehicle’s electrics. Cars like the BMW 3 Series, the Vauxhall Corsa and Audi A3 are all especially likely to require car repairs in this particular area. If we notice a worrying symptom during routine car servicing or MOT testing at our Chinnor garage, we’ll explain exactly what the problem might be and recommend the best course of action.


The more mileage your car racks up, the more likely your clutch will burn out or start slipping. This can lead to knock-on problems with other parts of your vehicles, which isn’t ideal. So if you hear a nasty sound when applying your clutch, or notice that its performance has slowly (or suddenly) dropped off, visit us for car repairs, car servicing and anything else you might require like MOT testing. Common vehicles driven in Chinnor that experience this type of nuisance include the Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

Call our friendly team of trained mechanics today on 01844 353388. We’re proud to be known as the Chinnor area’s top dog for car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing.