Benefits of Regular Car Servicing in Princes Risborough

At MOTEC, our automotive experts near Princes Risborough possess over 30 years of experience in car repairs. We know how regular car servicing can help to improve a car’s performance. Although not a legal requirement, it makes sense to visit car garages for servicing especially if you are worried about any upcoming MOTs. If your car should fail, costs can mount. Many car servicing elements have a relevance to MOT testing.

Here are just a few reasons why car servicing at MOTEC should be taken into consideration, and why you should choose us over other garages in the Princes Risborough area.


Car servicing will ensure that checks are carried out to vital car parts such as brakes and suspension, which won’t fail or leave you with a hefty bill for car repairs. However, if things should go wrong unexpectedly, don’t forget that unlike most garages, MOTEC can provide 24-hour breakdown recovery in the Princes Risborough area and further afield in the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

Even if everything feels “okay”, it doesn’t mean all is working to full functionality. Wear and tear clocks up just as the odometer does, and just because the issue may be out of sight, it should not be out of mind. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security, especially if your vehicle is a little older, or your last few MOTs were only borderline passes. Book your car in for car servicing today. Our garage, based in Chinnor near Princes Risborough, is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and also on Saturday mornings.

Save Money

Regular servicing identifies issues that could become expensive to rectify if allowed to worsen.Car servicing and smaller car repairs saves far more in the long run. For example, car servicing can ensure your car is kept well-oiled to maintain smooth running of your engine.If oil is not replaced, this could lead to thousands of pounds in car repairs or even a full engine replacement, as well as failing future MOTs on issues such as emissions.

Our garage near Princes Risborough, is part of the Bosch Car Service Scheme. This means that unlike some garages in the area, we can provide you with the latest oil and air filters from trusted suppliers which improve fuel efficiency and save money at the petrol pump. All workmanship for car servicing and car repairs comes with a parts and labour guarantee.

Longevity and Value

The more a car is serviced over a lifetime, the longer it will last. With more motorists than ever before choosing to hold onto their cars for extended periods, car servicing from MOTEC is essential. Regular diagnostic checks and minor car repairs help you to retain the element of trouble-free driving on the roads of Princes Risborough.

If you wish to sell your vehicle on, regularly serviced cars hold an advantage in the competitive second-hand marketplace over cars solely holding MOTs. With buyers expecting more for their money, evidence of a full and rigorous car servicing history at garages can attract more potential buyers from the Princes Risborough area and a higher selling price.

Call MOTEC today on 01844 353388 to book in car servicing at a garage local to Princes Risborough. We also offer car repairs and perform MOTs.